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International Gambling Operator Eyas Partners with Caf for its Launch into Brazilian Market

Eyas will use Caf’s market-leading identity verification platform to onboard and authenticate customers, fight fraud

Caf, a global leader in the digital identity market, today announced a partnership with globally renowned gambling company Eyas Gaming as it launches a digital gaming brand in Brazil. The Gauselmann Group, which operates Eyas Gaming, is entering an exclusive partnership with Brazilian sports media company Lance! to develop and operate the brand from their offices in Gibraltar and Malta.

Caf will be helping Eyas Gaming by establishing the age and identity of all players in Brazil, in real-time so they can be on-boarded safely, securely and responsibly. Both Eyas Gaming and Lance! are committed to responsible gambling, and will also provide tools that enable players to gamble safely, including self-exclusion, setting deposit limits and more. 

Through the partnership, Eyas Gaming will look to establish a foothold and grow during an exciting time for the Brazilian gambling market, as the government is poised to formally regulate sports betting after many years.  Eyas Gaming already has launched and developed gambling websites around the globe, bringing the Gauselmann Group’s famous Merkur brands to numerous countries. While already holding UK and Gibraltar licenses, the company sees this partnership as a strategic opportunity to expand its presence in Latin America.

“We are very excited to be partnering with such an innovative and respected company as the Gauselmann Group and Eyas Gaming, especially during this transformative time in Brazil,” said Emma Lindley, Caf’s Managing Director of International Expansion. “As the government prepares to regulate sports betting in Brazil, gambling operators that can quickly and accurately identify customers and conduct age verification, provide a great user experience and fight fraud will become the market leaders. The new Brazilian regulations put a big emphasis on player safety and that is a priority for us in this partnership as well. ”

Eyas Gaming chose Caf not only because it is a premier international digital identity company, but also because of its deep expertise and knowledge of the Brazil market. As a Brazil-born company, Caf can help sports betting companies comply with the rules and regulations related to gambling in the country and enable betting operators to navigate its unique landscape.

“We are looking at our partnership with Caf as a long-term relationship and we are confident that as we grow and evolve in the Brazil market, Caf will continue to meet our ever-changing needs” said Andrejs Cuzans, Head of Fraud, Risk and Payments of Eyas Gaming. “This is an exciting time for the gambling market in Brazil and we could not have found a better partner as we establish a foothold and continue to grow here. 

“We take player safety and responsible gambling very seriously, and ensuring that we have robust age and identity verification is critical as we enter this new market,” Cuzans added. “Caf’s identity verification capabilities will help ensure we are only serving those who are legally allowed to gamble, and doing so responsibly.” 

With the Lance! partnership, Eyas Gaming will be using their extensive industry experience to create an authentic and trusted digital betting platform for sports enthusiasts and passionate Lance! followers. The partnership will also see the launch of the free-to-play game ‘Acerte6’. There, players can test their knowledge by predicting six correct football scores on a weekly basis, with BR$1,000,0000 up for grabs as a top prize.

With a population of over 200 million people and a tremendous love and enthusiasm for sports among its populace, Brazil represents a great opportunity for bookmakers, especially now that sports betting is finally being regulated in the country. For sports betting operators to gain a competitive edge in the market, they need a robust and compliant identity verification solution, which has the ability to scale to meet the needs of potentially hundreds of millions of players. Through its partnership with Caf, Eyas Gaming will be able to achieve such scale while staying compliant and enabling a safe betting experience for all. 

“Brazil is a massive market for gambling, but one that is still largely untapped,” added Lindley. “We are excited to help Eyas and Lance! on their journey to provide market-leading online gambling services, as they provide a compliant and secure experience for Brazilian consumers.”

About Caf

Founded in August 2019, Caf offers innovative identity verification and digital onboarding solutions to make customer, partner and supplier registrations faster, easier and more secure.

The company currently has offices in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, London, Toronto and Austin, as well as its headquarters in Venâncio Aires. Current customers include names such as Magalu, iFood, Mutual, Zoop and Localiza.

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