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Gain a Competitive Edge with Advanced Security

The App-based taxi market, also known as ride-hailing services, are a part of the fast-growing gig economy and have made short-distance travel more convenient.

Many factors, such as the increasing cost of owning a vehicle and the convenience, are fueling the prolific growth of the app-based taxi market. This will only continue to rise with the emergence of robo-taxis and environment-friendly electric cars. It is expected that this market will reach $120.89 billion by 2027, almost double from $69.18 billion in 2019*.

To ensure the safety of riders and maintain their market reputation, ride-hailing companies need to deploy mechanisms to verify the credentials of the drivers before onboarding them.

Onboard legal partners

With its strong identity verification solutions, Caf is empowering online taxi service companies to screen potential drivers and onboard only those drivers that meet the eligibility criteria.
Build your brand
Build your brand

Protect your reputation and enhance customer safety by ensuring only competent and genuine drivers are onboarded.

Authenticate accurately
Authenticate accurately

Verify driver claims to ensure they are who they claim to be and no fraud is being committed.

Enhance user experience
Enhance user experience

Reduce friction and improve user experience with automated verification and onboarding processes

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Caf Solutions for online taxi service companies

Ensure safety for riders and drivers while complying with the prevailing directives and regulations locally and globally.

User Onboarding

Integrated platform to provide optimal onboarding, with automated identity verification.

User Onboarding

ID Document Verification

Combine facematch, facial biometrics and a manual document verification to determine that users are who they claim to be.

ID Document Verification

Fraud Prevention

Combine multiple data points, including email verification, biometrics, document verification and other data to assess the risk.

Fraud Prevention

ID Verification - KYC

Combine document capture technology with trusted authoritative data sources and customizable rules.

ID Verification

Business Verification - KYB

Combine business onboarding technology with authoritative data sources, customizable search rules and verification of UBO's.

Business Verification

Account Takeover Prevention

Choose complementary methods and validate the user's identity in a few seconds to ensure safety and security.

Account Takeover

How is Caf helping online taxi service companies

Online taxi service companies use Caf’s expertise in identity verification to automate approvals and offer secure and seamless onboarding to reliable partners.
Regulatory compliance
Comply with the evolving directives and regulations in the jurisdiction of your operations to avoid penalties or cancellation of license.
Intuitive dashboard
Manage, review, and analyze all activity with a single interface. Configure rules, review user journeys, add additional data to the background checks, and manage user permissions.
Superior user experience
Smarter user verification without unnecessary friction reduces false positives to maintain a superior user experience.
Safer, quicker onboarding
Automate the KYC process, eliminate unnecessary steps, and speed up onboarding for genuine service providers to fuel business growth.
Security for the long-term
Prevent criminals from accessing your business network to offer a safer experience to genuine users. Monitor in-platform user activities for long-term security.
Lower operational costs
Minimize the need for manual reviews that cost time and money, with an automated verification process. This allows security teams to focus on more productive business activities.
Supplement threat intel
Tap into the insights from across Caf’s client network and a global biometric database to augment threat intelligence and improve risk decisioning.

Safer rides with verified drivers

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