Best-in-Class Document Verification

Accurately identify and verify any identity-related documents that may be required

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Comply with all regulatory statutes with global document verification

Regulatory compliance
Stay Compliant

Caf's global solution can verify more than 11,000 documents across 200 countries

Powerful Biometrics

Accurately match live features with pictures on documents to reduce fraud

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Caf experts can help verify unusual or difficult cases as needed


The platform accurately collects onboarding documents using OCR and smart capture technologies to automatically identify the type of document and extract data, including 1D and 2D barcode recognition and document type recognition.

  • Match information to ensure accuracy
  • Powerful data extraction technology
  • Compare against document database
Customize identity
Customize identity


This ensures everyone coming to your platform is who they say they are. We use facial biometrics, which add a critical layer of protection against stolen identities, impersonation, bonus abuse, and account takeovers.

  • Biometrics to verify returning users are legitimate
  • Proprietary AI and ML models
  • Compare against known fraud databases


Though the document verification process is fully automated, expert human intervention can be called in as needed for difficult cases. Caf uses an integrated approach that combines automated document verification with human review for certain instances where needed.

While 90% of the requests are automated, critical or unusual documents are passed on for further review by trained professionals guaranteeing effectiveness with rapid turnaround. This approach enables businesses to rapidly seamlessly scale or reduce resources without compromising decisioning accuracy

  • Deliver on-brand experience
  • Quickly respond to regulatory changes
  • Customize client interactions workflows
Customize identity

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