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Digital Identity Leader Caf Announces New Executive Changes

 Chief Revenue Officer Jason Howard becomes the new CEO of the integrated identity technology company, while Darryl Green is now executive chairman

São Paulo, February 1, 2023 Caf, a global leader in the digital identity market, today announced that Jason Howard will serve as the new Chief Executive Officer of the company, The prior CEO, Darryl Green, will stay on and take on the role of Executive Chairman.

The move comes at a time of aggressive expansion and sustained growth for Caf. In 2022 Caf began its global expansion, opening offices in the world’s major technology centers — including the USA, UK and Canada — and ended the year with a 250% increase in revenue, 80% increase in customers and doubling its staff. The company also monitored and analyzed more than 14 million transactions, preventing $79 million in fraud throughout 2022.

Earlier this year, Caf announced the global launch of its Know Your Everything platform, which will enable businesses to protect their users, create optimal digital experiences and ultimately drive revenue. 

The leadership change aligns with Caf’s future growth strategy as it moves from Brazilian startup to global tech provider. The company is expanding rapidly globally and Howard is well suited to lead this growth period. He previously served in several executive roles, including CEO, of ecommerce fraud prevention company Ethoca, which was acquired by Mastercard. Caf will continue to serve its dozens of clients in Brazil, while also expanding globally. 

“I’m incredibly excited for this opportunity, which comes at a crucial time in Caf’s growth,”said Howard. “We are expanding globally, bringing on new customers and drastically expanding our product suite. This is a crucial time for the company and I couldn’t be more confident in our future success.”

Said Green: “The time is right for this move, which aligns with our growth strategy and future plans. I’m glad to remain a part of Caf, serving on the board level and providing insight and advice as the company moves forward. We are entering the next phase of our growth as a global integrated identity provider for businesses”

Caf’s technology is available in more than 200 countries around the world and the company currently has offices on four different continents. This is especially important as attacks targeting businesses and their users continue to grow globally. 

“2022 was a year of great growth for Caf, and that upward trajectory will continue even further throughout 2023 and beyond,” noted Howard. “Between new product enhancements and expanding internationally, it is shaping up to be an exciting time. The future is very bright for Caf.”

About Caf

Founded in August 2019, Caf offers innovative identity verification and digital onboarding solutions to make customer, partner and supplier registrations faster, easier and more secure.

The company currently has offices in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, London, Toronto and Austin, as well as its headquarters in Venâncio Aires. Current customers include names such as Magalu, iFood, Mutual, Zoop and Localiza.

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