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Caf Partners with Hexopay to Facilitate Instant and Secure Payouts for Gambling Platforms

Today, we are pleased to announce a new partnership with leading global payments and risk management company Hexopay. Hexopay offers a technical payments gateway so merchants and online service providers can connect with global payments solutions, and works primarily in the gambling and managed risk sectors.

At Caf, one of our main missions is to enable companies that work in highly regulated industries to verify, onboard and monitor customers quickly and safely while complying with all necessary regulations and, ultimately, helping them to grow their business and drive revenues. So we are very excited to bring Hexopay on as a client, as this is a strategic relationship for both parties. Hexopay aims to help its users simplify their payments operations by offering one connection that gambling operators can use to simplify their day-to-day payments operations, and we are excited to be with them on this journey.

“We’re excited to be on this journey with Hexopay as they connect operators and payments providers in the gambling sector, which has seen huge growth over the last several years,” said Jason Howard, CEO of Caf.

A Fast-Paced, Highly Regulated Environment

The online and digital gaming space has indeed grown rapidly in recent years, as more and more people use these platforms for recreational and even professional purposes. Since 2018 especially, when the U.S. legalized sports gambling and brought one of the largest markets in the world into that ecosystem, digital gambling platforms have seen a massive rise.

However, this industry has its own unique requirements that must be met. Users of gambling platforms want to be able to deposit and withdraw money instantly. Speed is a necessity. For example, someone may want to deposit money to make a bet on an in-game wager that will expire within a few minutes. Customers also want immediate access to their money when they make withdrawals, so they can place bets on other games at that time.

But gambling platforms must do this while ensuring that no payments fraud, money laundering, or other crimes are being committed. They can’t just do instant payouts – they must do them while still complying with all relevant anti-money laundering laws and statutes. Identity verification also needs to happen quickly and accurately at payout.

Caf is enabling Hexopay and its network of users to be able to instantly payout funds to users in a speedy and secure fashion.

“We are very excited to partner with Caf to create a safe and compliant payments journey for everyone in our ecosystem” said Bryan Blake, CEO and Founder of Hexopay. “We see this as only the beginning of the relationship with Caf and believe there is a great opportunity to continue to develop our product offering with Caf as a strategic partner.”

This news comes on the heels of the launch of our global Know Your Everything platform and worldwide expansion. Caf began in Brazil – which still remains a key market for us – but we also look forward to helping businesses in highly regulated industries worldwide with best-in-class identity verification, authentication and fraud prevention tools.

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