Fraud and the Sports Betting Market in Brazil

In in-depth guide to Brazilian fraud trends and how to keep your customers safe

Brazil represents a massive, untapped opportunity for bookmakers. That’s because the country has up until now not formally regulated sports betting. Brazilians that do engage in gambling on sporting events do so in a “grey market” using unregulated offshore entities. However, that is soon going to change.

After a long wait, Brazil is finally poised to regulate sports betting. This means Brazil, the sixth most populous country in the world, will soon become a huge market for sports betting operators. Already, despite gambling being unregulated in the country, nearly 50 percent of Brazilians say they have bet on a sporting event in the past year. Some estimates peg the size of the sports betting market in the country at more than R$7 billion.

Fraud and the Sports Betting Market in Brazil

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