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Sports betting is one of the fast-growing segments around the world. As new jurisdictions legalize sports gambling, more bettors are flocking to betting services.

However, this is a highly regulated market and operators face greater scrutiny when it comes to user verification mechanisms to promote responsible gaming. They must fulfill key regulatory requirements, including Know Your Customers (KYC), user verification, fraud prevention, and anti-money laundering.

Caf’s Unique Approach to
Disrupting the Identity Market

Prevent fraud

Hybrid approach that combines decisioning engine with human specialists to increase onboarding rates while preventing fraud

Protect users

An automated authentication solution tailored to businesses and capable of verifying documents around the world.

Regulatory compliance

Ensures compliance with demanding local and global regulatory requirements quickly and completely

The Technology to Power Better Decisions

The Caf Know Your Everything Platform secures every point of the customer journey.

Caf’s platform delivers long-term benefits to businesses enabling them to capitalize on this unique opportunity through:

  • The ability to customize user journey and experience based on the risk level and use case.
  • Speedier customer onboarding and accepting more customers through better decision-making
  • Reduction in fraud and operational costs from false negatives and manual intervention.
  • An end-to-end solution to seamlessly navigate the Brazilian market and comply with futureregulations, while minimally impacting the consumers.
  • Low impact orchestration and workflow to add/remove capabilities with minimal efforts.
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How is Caf helping sports betting operators

Caf’s robust identity solutions enable sports betting operators to build trustworthy platforms that comply with the local and global regulations
Faster sign-ups
Onboard new players quickly with real-time authentication and minimum friction, enabling them to get right in the action.
One-step integration
Caf’s no-code, single API integration gets you up and running in no time. Create custom workflows that match your unique business needs for superior authentication.
Intuitive dashboard
Manage, review, and analyze all activity with a single interface. Get instant analysis to configure rules, review user journeys, add additional data to the background checks, and manage user permissions.
Future-ready protection
Prevent fraud and ensure continuous protection with ongoing real-time monitoring.
Network intelligence
Combine insights from Caf’s customer network with a global biometric database to fight evolving threats with confidence.
Market-leading technology
A combination of advanced ML models, an AI-powered decisions engine, and sophisticated identity orchestration with the largest collection of biometrics and identity databases ensure strong user identification.
Regulatory compliance
Comply with local and global regulations as well as KYC and AML requirements to promote responsible sports betting.
Reduced costs
Automate the verification process to minimize costly manual reviews and allow security teams to focus on core business activities.
Improved user experience
Build a trustworthy platform for players to engage in an uninterrupted gaming experience.

Experts in Identity Verification

All of our solutions are carefully designed so that the identity of users is validated in a responsible and accurate way.

Business Verification - KYB

Combine business onboarding technology with authoritative data sources, customizable search rules and verification of UBO's, from months to minutes.

Business Verification

User Onboarding

Integrated platform to provide optimal onboarding, with automated identity verification

woman testing user onboarding

ID Document Verification

Combine, facial biometrics and manual document verification to accurately authenticate users

document verification

Fraud Prevention

Combine multiple technologies to validate data points and assess the risk of new users.

Fraud Prevention

Identity Verification - KYC

Combine document capture technology with trusted authoritative data sources and customizable rules.

ID Verification

Account Takeover Prevention

Choose complementary methods to validate each user's identity in mere seconds.

Account Takeover

Reach global players with simpler, faster sign-ups

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